Fiktech Entstaubungstechnik & Verfahrensoptimierung

Production optimization:

Shortly after start-up of a production process technical improvements ar required in order to reach the maximal output. FIKTECH assesses the problems in close cooperation with the customer and proposes several practical solutions and calculates the costs. Examples: Vortex Cabinet Coolers, Airknives, Venturi eductors, fluidisers, dust- and gassensors, ATEX-components and -solutions.






Engineering - Turnkey: Assessment, prioritizing, time framing, budgeting, pre-engineering, project control, coordination, support of the purchase dept., turnkey, evaluation, training.

Interim SalesManagement: Fiktech offers you an effective solution when your salesmanager has left the building.



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ing. André Fikkers
Managing director - owner Fiktech B.V.
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AISI316 Stainless Steel Low Pressure Air Knives

Fiktech provides advice, pre-engineering and components to solve various production problems. Several stainless steel 316 air knives were recently delivered, complete with side channel fans & accessories.
An air knife is a compressed air filled chamber with a smooth joining path to a calibrated exit slot. This ensures an even outflow speed over the full length of the blade. The strong airflow from the airknife can be used as a production tool to: Remove adherent moisture, disperse viscous layers, remove dust and debris, and support ionization. The air knives should preferably be mounted in such a way that adjustment of the height and angle is possible so that an optimal position for the different products can be set or adjusted.

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Fiktech celebrates the 12 1/2-year anniversary!

Fiktech viert 12 1/2-jarig

Still going strong.................


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