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One of the main technical components in an industrial company is the control cabinet. The cabinet (enclosure, panel or switch box) may contain a relatively simple distribution device with the necessary distribution group with associated fuses and circuit breakers. Modern panels also feature (heat) sensitive elements such as PLCs, PCs, MCCs, signal converters, frequency converters, fieldbus devices, analyzers, electronic components etc. With the panel can operate a device, appliance or complex installation in a building or a factory.

Building the right cabinets, testing and connecting requires specialized personnel. The enclosures must comply with the safety regulations and weathertight, splash proof (IP-protection), depending on the production environment and specific customer requirements.

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 Many enclosures are placed in a "hostile" environment. This means that the sensitive electrical and electronic components are exposed to dust, moisture and excessive heat. Also to be taken into account is the frequent presence of explosive substances and gases (ATEX legislations). 

The built-in components often produce heat (heat dissipation = loss of "useful" energy). Electrical equipment should be mounted in such a way that the dissipation of the heat generated during normal use by the electrical equipment is not obstructed.

An excessively high temperature and / or condensation can cause damage and downtime, with all the associated consequences: production losses, unsafe situations, repair costs, etc. A properly designed control panel / enclosure with the correct climate control extends the life of control and measuring & control equipment significantly. Ergo: the production costs are better managed.

What appears in practice? For reasons of ignorance, competition and cost savings, the climate control of the cabinet is often treated "shabbily". Worst Case: there are no measures taken at all. Often a fan / filter combination is mounted in a dusty environment. Soon, the filter gets clogged and is removed. Dust may or may not conductive is drawn into the cabinet and the consequences are obvious ....

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Water cooling, Peltier cooling or air conditioning have their own problems, including condensation forming inside the cabinet - the last thing one wishes!

Fiktech's Vortex Cabinet Coolers protect your control cabinet against dust, moisture and high temperatures. A really maintenance-free alternative to existing cooling, or as a complementary measure (realizing overpressure and dehumidification).

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