Fiktech Entstaubungstechnik & Verfahrensoptimierung

Vortex Cabinet Coolers

Protect your panel from dust, moisture and high temperatures - Maintenance-free alternative without harmful refrigerants

Voith Papier Schaltschrank Kuehler

A day without paper? Unthinkable.

Whether for newspapers or magazines, the packaging, cardboard or tissue paper, all kinds of paper are produced on a Voith paper machine. As a partner and pioneer Voith Paper Automation GmbH from Heidenheim (D) delivers new installations, modifications, products and services.

Recently, a new production plant was delivered to a Russian client. To best protect the sensitive electronic controls, Fiktech B.V.  was called upon to support. After careful consideration, the choice fell on the Vortex Series Cabinet Coolers from Fiktech. Given the critical conditions (humid and chemically aggressive environment) Cabinet Coolers are supplied with side RVS316/V4A on the control panels.

Voith Fiktech Schaltschrankkuehler Wirbelrohr Vortex Schakelkast Seitenmontage 2 15 Voith Fiktech Schaltschrankkuehler Wirbelrohr Vortex Schakelkast Seitenmontage 15

Comment from Voith Paper Automation:

“Wir hatten im Juni 2011 bei Ihnen 6 Wirbelrohrkühler für unsere Schaltschränke bestellt gehabt und sind zu unserer vollsten Zufriedenheit von Ihnen beliefert worden.”

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