Fiktech Entstaubungstechnik & Verfahrensoptimierung

Mounting brackets

Luchtmes Montagesteunen Fiktech

Connection - Materials

Luchtmes Luchtkanon Broekstuk Verteiler

Luchtmes Luchtkanon 90 graden bocht

    Luchtmes Luchtkanon koppeling

The connecting materials serve to facilitate assembly. The various components like Air filters, blowers and air knives all have their own connection dimensions, sometimes inch measurements - mostly metric.

Flexible hoses - Standard / Microbes resistant / Food Grade

Luchtmes Luchtkanon Flexibele Slang Fiktech  Luchtmes Luchtkanon Flexibele Slang Foodgrade Fiktech

Selection criteria for flexible hoses include: 

  • Abrasion resistance, weight / mass, flexibility in use 
  • The material to be transported: air, granulate, wood chips, dust, oil mist, etc. 
  • Electrically conductive - applications in ATEX environments
  • Applicability in fire hazardous areas / self-extinguishing 
  • Food Grade - FDA approved - Suitable for the food industry, pharmacy and chemistry 
  • Microbes resistant (formation of acid!) - Suitable for transport of grass, leaves, animal feed, etc.

Duct heater to support evaporation

Luchtmes Luchtkanon Kanaalverwarmer Kanalheizung

Application Example: During the production of solar collectors (coated glass panels 1583 mm * 660 mm) these must be dried with preheated air of 50-70 ° C after the washing plant. Flow rate around 400 m³ / h.

  • Class 1 - electric heater / duct heater
  • Steel junction box (painted) - IP44
  • Channel Piece galvanized steel (option: stainless steel)
  • Cable gland for main and control current
  • Constructed with stainless steel tubular elements in SS304 or SS321
  • Standard heaters are equipped with electric elements, each 230 Volt
  • Thermostat 85°C (1P) built-in - Option: limiter 110°C 

Compressed air heater in order to support evaporation

 Luchtmes Luchtkanon Perslucht verwarmer Fiktech

  • Electric heater / compressed air heater
  • 1,5 kW / 230VAC -50/60Hz
  • Adjustable temperature 20 - 120°C 
  • Maximum pressure 16 bar(G)
  • Flow rate: 47 - 92 Nm³/uur

Air Blowers - Side Channel Blowers

Luchtmes Zijkanaalventilator Fiktech

A side channel blower operates on the impulse principle. Rapidly rotating impellers deliver  their energy to the gas and convert into a pressure difference. The air molecules are always moved by the blades of the impeller and pushed into the so-called side channel. This creates a spiral-shaped movement of the air in the fan housing. The side channel fan has proven to be a robust maintenance-free device with a long life

HEPA - Filtration - Filters

Luchtmes Luchtkanon HEPA Filter

The HEPA filter is a generic name for high-efficiency filters. The filters are developed to meet increasing demands for air quality in applications such as aerospace, pharmaceuticals, clean rooms, operating theaters and quarantine departments in hospitals, health care, nuclear and electronics (manufacture of chips / solar panels). Even with allergies to airborne allergens such as household dust HEPA filters can be used. The use of HEPA filters is mandatory when removing asbestos.

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